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Our classes are break into different groups: Kids classes (ages 6-13) and Adult classes (14 and up). We do not distinguish classes by rank we distinguish them by age groups. We separate classes by age because we know how important it is to tailor classes accordingly in order to optimize student’s learning ability for Jujutsu. All of our classes are implemented in such way, that it will provide a safe and beneficial learning experience to all students.

Kids Program


The Jujutsu Kids Program focused on develop physical skills and mental attention of the students through varieties of teaching techniques, fun games, and group activities guided by the Sensei. We emphasize the importance of self-protection, self control, cooperation among each other, confidence in expressing themselves ,respect to others, and discipline to follow instructions.

Adult Program


The Jujutsu Adult program focus in defense against armed and unarmed aggressors. Armed techniques includes defense against gun, knife, short/long sticks and swords. Unarmed techniques includes escaping, throws, chokes, grapplin, joint locking, counter techniques and ground defense. 

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