Karate Program

Shorinji Ryu Karate Do


Shorinji Ryu Kararte Do Renshinkan is an traditional Japanese art that focused in discipline, self-confidence, improved attention span, loyalty, motivation, fitness and self-defense for life threatening situations.  All of these skills will not only help the student with marital arts training, but in every day life and situations. 

All of our classes are implemented in such way, that it will provide a safe and beneficial learning experience to all students.

Kids Program


Our Shorinji-Ryu Karate-Do Renshinkan for kids program starts as early as 3 years old. We feel that it is important for a child to start early with martial arts training since it provides a positive and solid foundation which they will posses and utilize throughout their lifetime

Our classes are break into two different groups: Little Dragons (Ages 3-6), Kids classes (ages 6-13) 

Adult Program


Our Renshinkan Shorinji-Ryu Karate-Do adult program emphasizes in the tradition and beauty of the art from punching, kicking, kneeing, elbow strikes, and open-handed techniques. 

However, training in Karate-do offers more than just physical conditioning and fighting techniques. The art also includes development of discipline, mental focus and spirituality. Great emphasis is placed on concentration and union of mind and body. 

Jujutsu program

Seibukan Jujutsu, the art of the Modern Warior


Our Seibukan Jujutsu program focus on creating and delivering necessary tools tools that empower students to achieve their full potentials by experiencing growth, changes and the breaking-through of self-limiting beliefs.  We offer students opportunities to enhance what already exists from previous martial art training, and offer new students an experience in feeling confident, skillful and empowered.

Kids Program


Our Seibukan Jujutsu Kids Program (ages 6-13) focused on develop physical skills and mental attention of the students through varieties of teaching techniques, fun games, and group activities guided by the Sensei. We emphasize the importance of self-protection, self control, cooperation among each other, confidence in expressing themselves ,respect to others, and discipline to follow instructions.

Adult Adult


Our Seibukan Jujutsu Adult program (ages 13- 99) focus in defense against armed and unarmed aggressors. Armed techniques includes defense against gun, knife, short/long sticks and swords. Unarmed techniques includes escaping, throws, chokes, grapplin, joint locking, counter techniques and ground defense. 

Aikido Program

Seireikan Aikido


Aikido is loosely translated into “the way of unifying life energy,” or “the way of harmonious spirit.”

Often referred to as the “Art of Peace” as this was the title of a book written by Aikido’s founder,

Morehei Ueshiba, or O’Sensei. Aikido is almost a purely defensive art, incorporating large circular

motions, joint manipulations, tactfully targeted strikes, and using an opponent’s energy to the

defender’s advantage.

General Class


Currently, the kids and adult programs train simultaneously. For our children and youths, one can

expect an increased ability to focus, improved self-confidence, and enhanced physical fitness. For

adults, anticipate improved physical fitness, greater flexibility, and possible weight-loss. Both children

and adults will bring home applicable techniques including empty-hand throws and pins, weapons, and

weapons defense.

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